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  • This is a right place where you're able to find the original MIDI and Keyboard Style files sequenced by various of talented sequencers. I write and arrange music for jingles and other commercial music. I make my living sequencing MIDI files. I started sequencing back in 1999 and have enjoyed the opportunities that MIDI has given me. I use micro composer hardware Roland MC 500 MK II and Roland XP-10 & Roland JV-90 as my sound source.

  • Dedicated musician, custom composer/arranger, and MIDI sequencing artist.  Although I specialize in original music in most genres, I am equally capable of creating quality cover music .

    Contact me to discuss your needs for music:  Original or cover, in any format (MIDI, .mp3, .wav, or CD.)  Fine audio renderings, thanks to the output of a Ketron SD2 sound module, or that of my Roland G-800 Keyboard Workstation.



  • I am a MIDI sequencer and occasionally do custom sequencing. If you need your sequence in MP3 format, I record using the Ketron SD2 Orchestral Wizard, one of the best sound modules available, as the sound source.If you own a Ketron SD2 or a Ketron SD5 arranger keyboard, I can remix your GM MIDI files to take full advantage of the wonderful sounds these products have.

    I use a PC with Voyetra Record Producer Deluxe as my main sequencing program.

    I am also a Jazz vocalist in the USA.

    I have been arranging MIDI and Audio songs for over twenty years now. Thanks to the founder of this site I can now offer my services to you with the hopeful goal of creating the ideal MIDI file song to suit your taste.

    I use varying degrees of software and hardware to create my songs which also gives me the ability to convert any MIDI idea into a fully professional audio recording and so opens other options to all who are interested.

    Meanwhile... Enjoy the demos and hopefully we will hear from you soon.